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You Gotta Wanna!

Today is one of those days. It looks cold, snow is falling and the wind is blowing it parallel to the ground. I don’t wanna run. But when I finish these paragraphs. I will head upstairs, properly layer and head out for 7 or 8 miles. Why you ask? I’ll tell you…. I wanna more than I don’t wanna.

George Carlin once said that Catholic priests made wanna a sin, “Thou shalt not wanna!” But somehow I don’t think this dilemma was the wanna to which they were referring. In fact, I think wanna is a good thing.

Behind every tough decisions are two extreme positions: wanna or don’t wanna. And on any given day we make a multitude of decisions based on how much we wanna or how much we don’t wanna. We look at the upside, the downside, our motivation and goals, contemplate fallout, examine the big picture and potential results, then decide.

For me, as a delayed gratification sort of guy, I’m looking at the long term upside of today’s run in relation to my overall goals AND ensuing guilt if I choose to decline (the positive AND the negative, huh?). Nonetheless, it’s my goals, objectives and motivation that win out.

I’d love to go into greater detail on this topic but, as they saying goes, I gotta run.

Why? Cuz I wanna!