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The Road Less Traveled???

It turned as it does every year, abruptly. One day you’re running in shorts and a T-Shirt and the next it’s tights, long sleeves and a vest.

I could have gone either way this morning. After 11 miles yesterday, I could have easily ignored that The Plan called for an easy 6 today and substituted with 3 or 4 OR even a treadmill run. But nope, not today. When the weather said 18 degrees this morning I coolly and calmly strolled to the basement and retrieved a box called “winter running gear.” Then it was off to the six mile loop.

Noticing it was much chillier INTO the wind, I tried my best to slightly alter the route to finish with a “warm” tailwind. The run was easy and lonely. I like those runs: the ones where no one else is out. First, I feel somewhat macho being the lone cruiser in the cold (although actually it was beautiful). Mostly I know that then times when the weather is changing is when I set my attitude for real winter training and it is only through a good winter, will there be good spring marathons.

Commitment when it gets tough is real commitment and while I know there will be many tests of my will to train this winter, I like having passed the first.

Run happy, run warm!