I Thought I Was Serious…

Am I serious? Sometime early tomorrow morning, I’ll pass the 2000 mile mark for the year’s running. There will be no balloons, or bands and Ann Wessling won’t be cheering me in the last fifty yards. Chances are, in fact, I won’t be completely sure when it happens, I’m most often drifting in and out[…]

Is Nothing Something?

Writer’s block has crept into this blog today. Or maybe it’s nothing block. I feel like writing something but nothing is popping into my head. So, being a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, I guess I’ll write about nothing. The question is: is nothing something? For nine years (and many more in syndication) the widely acclaimed[…]

Bruce Denton and Me

Feeling a bit under the weather today and had this conversation:                  Other person: “You ran five miles today. But, you’re sick.”       Me: “How else will I get better. Worst part is that it’s Monday and I’m already behind for the week.” Reminded me of a scene from my favorite book, Once A[…]

Evil Training Log!

Something about a long run that gets me excited – even a little nervous. This morning I’ll be off for what will amount to a 14 mile jaunt down the Cherry Creek path to downtown Denver. It will be equal to my long run in this training block. For a bit over a year now,[…]


Run Log 4 Supposed to go 9, only went 6.   Theoretically, there is a plan in motion geared towards a successful running of the Napa Valley Marathon in March. So far the plan has gone fairly well (with the minor exceptions of still being too fat and too slow). We (that’s my legs and me)[…]

Closings Are A Miracle!!!

I’m spending the afternoon sitting in a Colorado Real Estate Commission Train the Trainer class on the annual Update course (well, I’m also writing this blog, staying up on my email, editing CRS 201 and updating my Facebook – but yeah, I’m here). Two observations: First, the slides are brutal. I haven’t seen this many[…]

Hug A Retail Worker Today!

Retail season is upon us and consumers are out in plenty. It’s a time where stores make or don’t make their biggest profits and also a time where good or bad customer service is as easy to see as a giant zit on a nose. In athletics the phrase crunch time is used to describe[…]