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George Carlin, Tony Robbins and My Goals!

George Carlin once said that your values are “what you’d do for $10 or what you’d do with $10.” Although not elaborated upon, George was hinting strongly that our values, then, are SUBjective. To each his (or her) own, sort of.
Today, it’s almost New Years, the age old time for reflection and resolution. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions. They are too easily broken (in fact, we seem to create an entire sub-culture that exists this time of year to figure out how to keep any of our resolutions). So, I have ventured away from resolutions. I’m more the type that sets goals when they seem appropriate, refines them when needed and tracks them unmercifully. 
Tony Robbins taught me that my goals are a reflection of my values. As a result, they are also subjective. Mine could be much different than yours and that’s the way it should be. Tony also taught me that in order to be more committed to my goals, I need to be able to share them. So, whether you like it or not, here they are: my running goals for 2011.
First, I should mention that I have been running for 44 1/2 years and over that time have averaged roughly 2100 miles a year. In 2010, barring the unforeseen tomorrow, I will have 2030 for 2010. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad year after a streak of eight years below 1900 (from 2001-2008). Unfortunately, however, that is 350 less than 2009. I also missed 15 days of running in 2010 (or should I be positive and say I ran 350 days). In 2009, I missed none. It’s beginning to look like I need a return to 2009, but that’s not the case. I’m shooting higher.
Goal #1.  I will run every day in 2011. I end the year with a “streak” of 97 days and I’d like to see that continued. Not to worry; I don’t run injured (I’m just lucky enough to seldom get injured – hope we didn’t jinx that one).
Goal #22700 miles. In 1999 I ran 3000 on the dot. In 2000, 3217. I’d actually like to get closer to those numbers, but I don’t want to set the goal overly high given I’m not as young as I was ten years ago.
Goal #3Three Marathons. I plan to run two in the spring (March and May) to get my sea legs back and one in the fall that will fulfill Goal #4.

Goal #4Qualify for Boston. In 2001 I ran the Boston Marathon. After qualifying a year earlier with a time of 3:10, I bloated my way through a poor fall and winter and ran from Hopkinton to Boston almost an hour slower. Humiliating for me, although it’s taken ten years to DO something about the humiliation. So, even though King Arthur called revenge, “the most worthless of causes,” I’ll be happy getting my measure of revenge in April 2012.
Goal #5.  To FEEL like a runner again. In college, I was the vertical dash mark: 6-1  138 pounds. Somewhere in my 35th year, someone hit the metabolism switch to the OFF position. At the Flying Pig Marathon in 2000 (Boston qualifier) I weighed around 172. I felt pretty good even though I could feel even better at 165. The goal is to get back to sub 170 by the fall. in 2010 I had a net loss of 21 pounds (without trying too hard). This coming year we’ll have to double that number to achieve the goal.
Goal #6.  To connect with a plethora of new running friends and to reconnect with many old ones. As I grew and grew (physically) in 2001, I began to shy away from my fast, fit, running friends. I suppose it was embarrassment that led the way. In 2011, I don’t want to run alone as much as I have the last ten years.
Goal #7Half Ironman. My sons: Matt and Ryan and I have set this goal for ourselves in the hope that it will lead to a full Ironman in 2012. Gotta work on that swim!!!
Goal #8Times.  In 2000 I ran some fairly decent races. My 3:10:34 at the Flying Pig, a 1:25 and change in a half marathon and a couple of dips just above the 40:00 10K line. I have a very limited idea of how ten extra years will affect my times when I do get very fit but nonetheless, I’ll take a shot.
     5K          20:30
    10K         42:00
    Half       1:35 ish
   Mara      < 3:20:00

So that’s it. Eight running goals for 2011. What about you? What are your goals for the upcoming year? Feel free to share!