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Teachers Make the Worst Students

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In the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of attending a few classes taught by several instructors. While it is usually me in the front of the room, I relish the opportunity to learn from my peers and observe their techniques. Over my lifetime, I have understood several lessons that have served me well in specific times: salespeople make the worst buyers, doctors make the worst patients and teachers… Read More »Teachers Make the Worst Students

Get the Listing Mindset

A mindset is a mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. Some people believe that mindsets are fixed. I believe mindsets are capable of growth and change. The Listing Mindset, therefore, can be developed, It is not present at birth. So how do we get there? First (and foremost) you must THINK listings. It is said that what you think about expands, so think… Read More »Get the Listing Mindset

Contrast: A Not So Hidden Secret

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Contrast. You know, contrast, like up/down, in/out, day/night/ black/white. Contrast gets our attention. In fact, contrast is what separates one salesperson from another. I’ve read two books recently that focus on the importance of contrast in sales (although neither were necessarily focusing on sales),  Neuromarketing by Patrick Renvoise and Resonate by Nancy Duarte. In Neuromarketing, Renvoise discusses the brain and how people make decisions. He says that only six stimuli… Read More »Contrast: A Not So Hidden Secret

Two Minute Tip 17: The Instant Presentation

Let’s say you have 72 things you potentially do for a seller. As you can imagine, most sellers have no interest in a 72 page or slide show, unless they are accountants or engineers. So I like using an approach I call the “instant presentation.” Let’s say you have 4 appointments this week. Take 4-8 of your best things, your coolest tools, systems, marketing ideas, whatever and tell them each about of… Read More »Two Minute Tip 17: The Instant Presentation

Presentation Delivery: The Two Minute Tip 15

For decades we have focused primarily on what we have in our listing arsenal that might work for an individual seller. We say, “I have this and I have that, and I have this other thing.” We think whomever has the most stuff wins. In reality, the best way to differentiate your self from the pile heapers is to do a great job describing your plan. Practically every year 40%… Read More »Presentation Delivery: The Two Minute Tip 15

Two Minute Tip Week 13: 21st Century Presenting

In the past, we have been saddled with the burden of finding the most effective way to allow our potential sellers to view our presentation. For many moons, we used the presentation book or mini-flip chart type venue. Laptops made it easier to present in a mobile manner, but was not without its issues. We had one computer, placed in front of usually three people and it made for some… Read More »Two Minute Tip Week 13: 21st Century Presenting

5 Steps to Presentation Bliss: Two Minute Tip Week 11

A quick 5 step overview of a listing presentation 1. Know Your Stuff 2. Compile Your Resources 3. Create Visual Slides 4. Discover Seller Needs 5. Match Stuff to Needs Take your presentation mobile by referring to Tip 4.

The Two Minute Tip Week 4: Mobile Presentations

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Mobile Presentations Today’s mobile agent must conduct their business in every way, anytime, anywhere and at a moment’s notice. And that includes presenting. So let’s talk some presentation basics that go DOUBLE, when mobile.  

TIPPLICATION Week 4: Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck for your Mobile Presentations Evidence shows the visual to be a far superior method when it comes to delivering a message and having it received at the other end. PowerPoint and Keynote have long been the venue for most presentations and have both been maligned as the evil behind boring, terrible presentations. This criticism, by the way, is not valid. The user, not the program, is at fault.… Read More »TIPPLICATION Week 4: Haiku Deck

TIPPLICATION Week 2: Multiple Offers & Sellers

In today’s TIPPLICATION, we will be APPLYING yesterday’s tips in an attempt to get a better handle on Multiple offers from the sellers perspective. We’ll cover three applications of the tip: Knowing the market, sharing that knowledge, and  conducting an excellent seller consultation. We’ll close with a dozen quick tips for you.