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Two Minute Tip 17: The Instant Presentation

Let’s say you have 72 things you potentially do for a seller. As you can imagine, most sellers have no interest in a 72 page or slide show, unless they are accountants or engineers.

So I like using an approach I call the “instant presentation.” Let’s say you have 4 appointments this week. Take 4-8 of your best things, your coolest tools, systems, marketing ideas, whatever and tell them each about of them. I call these 4-8 things, your coolest stuff: Talking Point. No matter who the potential seller is, you’re 9 times out of ten going over these. After all, it’s your best stuff!

You also add 4-8 things that you can customize just for them: things that will meet THEIR wants and needs.

In the end, you might have anywhere from 8 to 16 (usually I find it ends up around a dozen) slides or pages that work for that individual seller on that individual day.

You have it. A focused, customized and hopefully knowledgeable presentation just for them.

How can you lose.