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TIPPLICATION Week 4: Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck for your Mobile Presentations

Evidence shows the visual to be a far superior method when it comes to delivering a message and having it received at the other end. PowerPoint and Keynote have long been the venue for most presentations and have both been maligned as the evil behind boring, terrible presentations. This criticism, by the way, is not valid. The user, not the program, is at fault. It is the user that bypasses the clean visual slide in favor of the bullet-ridden yellow on blue template version. It is the user who upon discovering fancy animations and transitions creates a special effects marvel that fails to deliver the message. And it is the user who chooses to deliver their presentation by reading the overloaded content on the slide.

Remember what they say, Bullets don’t kill people, presenters with bullets kill people. PowerPoint and Keynote have subtly endorsed the use of bullets points since their inception. Maybe this is, then, guilt by association. Haiku Deck may be a step in the right direction and a catalyst for simpler, more visual presentations.