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Two Minute Tip Week 13: 21st Century Presenting

In the past, we have been saddled with the burden of finding the most effective way to allow our potential sellers to view our presentation. For many moons, we used the presentation book or mini-flip chart type venue. Laptops made it easier to present in a mobile manner, but was not without its issues. We had one computer, placed in front of usually three people and it made for some interesting logistical challenges.

Today, I’d like to offer three options to better viewing and some applications to enhance those options: Option one, is just your laptop, like before, centrally located at the kitchen table but controlled by a remote presentation device. Obviously the screen size of your computer is extremely important as we still have the many people — one device challenge.
The mouse, however solves some of the logistical challenges.

The next two options call for ownership of more than one piece of presentation equipment. Laptop and tablet owners can set up one (preferably the one with the largest and sharpest screen) in front of the recipients and one to drive the show. I generally prefer to run the show from my tablet.
If your two devices are your tablet and your smartphone, the same effect can be created. Tablet in front of them, run the presentation from your phone. This setup is probably best used in a very mobile presentation setting. No matter how you go, your slides must be visual! See Tip 4 for some help with this.

For both of these options, several applications can help synch the mechanisms. Before dashing out and grabbing any of these great screen duplicators check to make sure your equipment is compatible with the App.
First, Apple users can use Airplay.
I like Splashtop Streamer. It’s a free App and will work with multiple devices.
I’ve also used Presentation Remote, and Power Presenter.
Two I have yet to try but look promising are Xavier and 2ScreensPresentationExpert.
Most every App needs a wifi connection in order to synch with each other.

So that’s it. If you have any questions or a favorite App to share, shoot me an email at