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Small Dose of Redemption

After the debacle that was yesterday’s long run, I was expecting little from today’s morning effort. I figured to be sore, sluggish and generally apathetic. Instead, I was mildly tired and feeling not so bad. If the truth be told, I was feeling pretty okay (please note the toned down evaluation of how I actually felt). Maybe this getting serious thing is actually beginning to work out.

Early in a training program, the discomfort of not being in shape and/or weighing too much makes most every run unpleasant. Slowly progress is made and there is the OCCASIONAL run that feels good. Sometimes it comes when it is unexpected: like this morning. Seven miles, clipping along nicely, no adverse effects from the previous day. I like that.

Looking forward to more. By the way, halfway through the year and at 970 miles. After a poor beginning, 2300-2400 seems doable.

Keep on moving!