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Get Serious

After a half year of putzing around, gaining weight, being injured and being busy. It’s time to get serious. I guess after almost 48 years of running, I deserve a break, but it didn’t feel like that. It’s been awful. So I’m back and this time it’s serious.

Goal #1: Fifty pounds gone by summer’s end. Eating healthier (cutting out the grain for two months, then we’ll see), running more and pounding the water always work.

Goal #2: Back in the mileage groove. After a pathetic six months (will end up with about 850 miles for the halfway point), it’s time to crank it up. 53 miles two weeks ago, 39 last week and 50 this week is a decent beginning. Will go after 56 this coming week.

Goal#3: A fall marathon that I am not ashamed to report about (nuff said). 

Goal #4: To do more “racing” this fall and winter. love races and don’t do them nearly enough.

Goal #5: The elusive 50K. Shooting for the Texas Trails race in December near Houston. Maybe hang out with my brother too (whom it’s been AGES since we’ve been together).

So that’s it. I took a “before” picture three days (and by the way, 3 pounds) ago. But no way I’m posting it until the “after” shot is ready.

I’ll keep you posted.