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It’s A People Problem

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Smartphones aren’t so smart. I mean, they couldn’t just walk (or run) around and actually survive without….. yes, you guessed it….. people. The problem is, people are people.

I teach sales people for a living. Some of them are tech savvy, some, not so much. They pretty much all agree, however, that while technology has changed some of the ways we do business and the equipment we utilize for doing business, it has not really demonstratively changed the people with whom we do business.

Is it easier for me to connect with the multitudes of people I’ve never really met? Yes. Is it easier for me to connect with the universe via Al Gore’s wonderful invention? Yes. And here’s the biggie …. can I reach out to people with lightening fast speed and efficiency? YES, Yes, and hell yes!!!!

Do they get back with me with that same lightening fast speed because of the incredible technology tools we have at our disposal? Ah, not so much, and herein lies the problem. At the other end of that smartphone, iPad or computer is a person who may not be quite as quick or may not share my need for speed (in fact, they may not even think that I or my message is nearly as important as I do). Nonetheless, it isn’t the technology that is behind the problem. 

I have a theory about this. I think the same people who weren’t answering your (and my) voicemail yesterday, aren’t answering your (or my) text or email today. Maybe instead of more and more technology courses, we need some people to people courses. 

Just sayin’.