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Jenny B is the Queen Bee!

First, a shout out to Jesse Wiiliams and Lashinda Demus for winning Gold Medals at the World Championships today. Also, if you haven’t seen Ezekiel Kemboi’s last lap in the Steeple and his victory dance, you’re in for a treat (kind of Usain Bolt meets Blanca Vlasic). The link for that:
The biggie of the day for this Coloradoan and former Boulderite was the 1500 meter win by Jenny Barringer Simpson. In what was a tactically superior run, Jenny kept her cool, made the move of the day and brought the first 1500 meter gold to the US since Mary Decker Slaney. 
There have been more than a few doubters when Jenny moved from the Steeplechase, changed coaches and set off for Colorado Springs. Looking back, it just goes to show that athletes, at least the smart ones, have a better sense of what they need and should do, than most of the “experts.” Jenny has always seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and a huge commitment to doing her best.
Alot of us got to watch Jenny grow at CU and feel like we get to share in a little of this victory with her and with all fans of US Track and Field. But for her, a hard working, flat-out good person, this must be SO sweet!

Great job Jenny!

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