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A MILEstone week (pun intended)!

My log and my running-total log tell me that this is a week of milestones.
First, tomorrow I will hit 2000 miles for the year. In all of 2010, I ran 2031, so I’m thinking that I’m having a pretty decent year. The goal is 2700 and I believe it will be close. For me the mileage is an indication of being able to train consistently and without injury. At my age, or maybe any age, these are good things.
Next, on this coming Sunday’s run, I will have gone 365 days without missing any. A nice streak – not my longest by far – but a good one nonetheless. Again, the idea here is not so much the streak as it is being consistent in my training and not being sick or injured enough to warrant time off. While different streakers classify “a run” differently, my guidelines are: It must be a run (not a walk) and the minimum is three miles for it to count.
Finally, yesterday at the end of my run, unbeknownst to me, I hit the career milestone of 97,000 miles. Obviously, I owe most of that number to myself, but on an obsessive compulsive scale, I owe my first coach, Al Pingel much of the credit. On day one back in 1966, he said, “log your miles.” So, I have.
Hoping to hit 100,000 by Dec 21st of next year. After all, I’m Racing the Mayan calendar.  
After that, who knows….

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