Day 18: Well, THAT was a surprise!

I’d just got in from 5 miles in the Cherry Creek State Park, which was GORGEOUS this morning. Barely a cloud in the sky, cooler temps than the previous two days, and a nice chat with my youngest son, Ryan.So, I send him off to head to bed (he works nights at Amazon) and decide it’s shower time. I’m feeling a little down, slightly stressed, monstrously fat, and as I… Read More »Day 18: Well, THAT was a surprise!

Day 13: Things are happening!

Plant Based Stuffed Peppers Things are happening.Not today. I mean, things will happen today but I just woke up so not THAT much has happened. But the week in general, has been pretty positive.No specifics yet, but I’m either losing significant weight or redistributing it. Pants that seemed snug, or downright tight are now loose. A pair of shorts I hadn’t worn in a while began creeping down my hips… Read More »Day 13: Things are happening!

Day Seven: Three Discoveries

Yesterday morning I began the first sentences of an update. Upon review, it was merely going to be a whinefest about my knee. It has not been a good knee week. So, upon even further review, I’m glad I didn’t finish and publish it.The week hasn’t been that bad I suppose. Come sunset, I will have logged about 47 miles or so (not totally sure because it’s only sunrise and… Read More »Day Seven: Three Discoveries

Day 3: The Other Side of Hydration

Water, Water, Everywhere, but man I gotta pee. In one easy sentence therein lies the downside of hydration. I mean, I’ve done this before and I knew what was going to happen if I drastically increased my H2O intake. Unfortunately, knowing is not coping. So, today I went for 6 miles at about 11:45 am. Shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Well, it is if you’ve already consumed 70 oz… Read More »Day 3: The Other Side of Hydration

BONUS Day One recipe!!!

Holy Buckets!!! Made this plant based enchiladas tonight and it was delish!!! 1 can of organic black beans1/2 can organic corn2 cups almond cheese 1- cheddar 1- japlapeno3/4 cup cooked rice3/4 cup chopped red pepper3/4 cup chopped green pepper1/2 cup cilantro1 TBSP Vegan butter1 tsp organic oil1 tsp black pepper1 tsp ground cumin1 small lime1 can Organic enchilada sauce lettuceOrganic corn tortillas Heat everything on a large skillet (except rice and… Read More »BONUS Day One recipe!!!

Transformation: Day One, or so…..

This picture from 2000 hangs on the fridgeand in my office. Roughly 175 here. It was Gary Vaynerchuk who said, “Document, don’t create.” So here it is, the documenting of my transformation. I’ll more than likely be chronicling here twice a week or so. I like this venue because this documenting is really for me rather than some public hype thing. Given RunSpittle’s moderate readership, I’ll be safe here. So, here… Read More »Transformation: Day One, or so…..

Grateful Running in the Pandemic.

It’s interesting the subtle change. It’s not just today or last week, because it can also happen in that race when, for awhile, you’ve been reduced to a walk. You’re going along and you think, “well this isn’t so bad,” OR you’re thinking, “Man, walking sucks.” Then all of a sudden, the walk becomes a jog, a run, a jaunt….. then in that next moment, it’s completely different and you… Read More »Grateful Running in the Pandemic.

Movement Breeds Optimism: Less Bored in the Pandemic….

It’s been a month since my last post and everyone who thought this Corona thing would go away “quickly,” whatever that meant, is still trying to get their bearings. Frankly, since day one, I decided I wasn’t going to get it and have done everything I can to make sure I didn’t. So far…… Awesome.My work has been crippled immensely b y this thing. When you travel and teach large… Read More »Movement Breeds Optimism: Less Bored in the Pandemic….

Bored Running Update amid the pandemic…..

Kind of bored. Not like going out of my mind crazy bored, but mostly just bored. Not like sheltering in place bored, just bored. Bored like a guy who does this “be in the house” thing all the time when he isn’t traveling and teaching. You know, bored.I’m so bored in fact, that having crashed the 30 mile barrier this week, I wondered how badly this running year is going… Read More »Bored Running Update amid the pandemic…..

Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Ever. For now….

Normally this is a place for posts about running. Well, at Christmas time I will confess that I spend WAY more time engulfed in Hallmark movies than running. Yeah, I know, I’m a grown ass man. What am I doing with an obsession for those sappy, unrealistic two hour sagas? The answer is simple: I love sappy. I love predictable, I love happy endings. I love Christmas. I love the… Read More »Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Ever. For now….