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Day 13: Things are happening!

Plant Based Stuffed Peppers

Things are happening.

Not today. I mean, things will happen today but I just woke up so not THAT much has happened. But the week in general, has been pretty positive.

No specifics yet, but I’m either losing significant weight or redistributing it. Pants that seemed snug, or downright tight are now loose. A pair of shorts I hadn’t worn in a while began creeping down my hips making movement interesting. When they settled in halfway down my rear end, I resembled a gang member, or maybe a plumber. I spent the day pulling them up (I now have a weird new found respect for anyone who actually wears their pants that way on purpose – not easy). Anyway, weight check is at the end of NEXT week. I’m preferring spreading that out as to not get discouraged by a bad day here and there.

Most everything was a little more challenging this week as I worked a BUNCH. Virtual meetings, live online classes, and the prep for them made little time for other things. What suffered the most was Yoga with Adrienne. I hope Adrienne understands, but some of what she’s asking me to do is taking adaptation and some of the soreness that goes with that is keeping me from participating. And of course, I’m busy (sounding like a victim here and it’s all her fault!!!).

As per usual, the running has good days and bad, but I’ll still turn out about 45-48 miles for the week and I guess I’m okay with that. I still envy those who are out there cruising at any speed on knees that don’t look like they hurt, or pop, or buckle. Eh, we’ll fix that soon enough.

In the diet world, I’m maintaining my plant based focus. I made my not-quite-world-famous enchiladas earlier in the week and it gave me the idea for some plant based stuffed peppers. I created a “stuffing” sort of based on what we like in the enchiladas. All in all, they were great. There are a few things I’ll do differently from a spice perspective next time but they were definitely a treat. Might not let them cook so long either.

The thing that seems to be blossoming the most is my commitment to, and enjoyment of my meditation practice. In fact, just the words “my meditation practice,” are beginning to feel comfortable. While a big goal of meditation for many people is peace and/or calmness, I’m really getting into the mindfulness component and working on my ability to recognize and reign in the distractions in my head. 

AND…… I finished a book. While that may not seem like much of an accomplishment, I’m pretty cranked up about it. It seems that I must be picky when it comes to books as I acquire them thinking they’re going to be fantastic, only to find that most authors write 200 page books and should have stopped at 100. Maybe a personal problem. Who knows?

Oh, by the way, the book was North by Scott Jurek.

So the “transformation” continues. Stay safe and run on.