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Juice Time and two Streaks

I had that experience again where I decided I was massively discouraged about the weight loss part of all of this transformation stuff, so I decide to get on the scale when I feel I’m at my heaviest. If I do it that way, I’m not as surprised if I see a bad result on the scale. So, I jump on saying “223” out loud, only to find we are at 214.8. Well, that’s good because it’s lower than I thought, but it’s bad because I feel like I wasted a week with not zeroing in on better eating habits.

But, this week….. the dreaded juicing begins. Five days for this first cycle: 2 plant based juices a day, one “shake,” and a salad or other non/low-caloric meal. Maybe then we’ll “shake” this thing up. My hope is to have the juicing result most men my age and size have which is a significant drop on the scale in a short time. I’d love to sacrifice a bit and drop another 10-14 before the end of this month. Once at 199, only 30 pounds to go. The original quest began here:   Only takes some discipline, right?

The juice recipe, for anyone interested, is: two handfuls of organic Kale, two handfuls of organic baby spinach, 2 or 3 organic granny smith apples (according to their size), one lemon, a half of a pineapple, 3 good size organic carrots. All of this makes a “bag,” and a bag makes two large glasses of juice (one for Linda, one for me – she’s been doing this for months). The juicer is an Aicok slow masticating juicer and it is excellent. The shake/smoothie is the Fat Flush Body Protein recipe (yummy stuff) from Uni-Key.

52 miles in the book last week. Hit the halfway point of the year at 807 miles. Hoping to get to about 1700 by early December when it’s knee replacement time. It’s still SOOOOO slow, though. The upside, however, is that whenever I’m beginning and I make that move from the walking to the running, there is a very cool feeling that comes over me. It’s hard to describe, so I’ll leave it to another day, nonetheless, a good feeling to be in the running motion, no matter the speed.

The meditation is going extremely well. While I seem to be riding a running streak of 68 days, I have a meditation streak of 69. As previously mentioned, I use the Headspace app and while a little tricky getting into the groove right away, now it is a part of the morning.

Saturday, I went to Magnolia Road in Boulder. No, not to run, silly, I went to support my fabulous grandson, Mason for his 18 mile run. A couple of observations: 1) it was packed and there was auto/truck/motorcycle traffic everywhere. Too much in fact (of course at some point coming home we figured out that the Independence Day weekend may have been a factor), 2) LOTS of runners out on a gorgeous day, 3) Next time, maybe in two weeks, we will start earlier. It got hot too fast 4) and most importantly, Mason looked awesome. Ah, I remember the days when an 18 miler in the mid 6’s was a piece of cake, and it was a nice memory. Being young, fit, and fast is a fleeting gift. I hope he enjoys it (in fact I hope he savors it).

All in all, everything is good. Work is steady considering that this is usually a slow time anyway. Life at home is fantastic. All is good.

For you, stay safe and run on.