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What Are YOUR Goals?

Whether you want to run a 10K PR, qualify for Boston, or just get off the couch, we have individual training programs designed to give you The Peak Performance Edge.

The Peak Performance Edge

We’d all like to give our best: you, me, everyone (at least I like to believe that). When we give our best, we create experiences that enhance the lives of our family and friends and in a wonderful, fulfilling way; ourselves.

This giving of our best, Peak Performance I like to call it, is a magical place where everything sort of comes together to create an optimal result. In running, it could be a personal best, placing in a race, or simply achieving a long sought after goal. The best part of this phenomenon is that while seeming magical, Peak Performance is a bi-product of substantial thought and effort. Luckily, there is no Golden Ticket or magic wand for the chosen few. We are all capable of Peak Performance.

Full Engagement is the FUEL

I like to think that Peak Performance is fueled by what Dr. Jim Loehr calls Full Engagement. In his book, The Power of Full Engagement, Loehr writes, “To be fully engaged, we must be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest.” Again, not a singular focus, but a rounded approach with an added element: a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest.

Who is Coach Rich?

Rich Sands doesn't know a life without running. As a runner, he has committed to over 54 years of running and over 116,000 miles. As a Coach, he has successfully guided an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, Boston qualifiers, numerous collegiate and high school All-Americans, countless State Champions, and plenty of people who just want to find their own Peak Performance Edge.

In 1990, he became a Level II certified coach by The Athletics Congress (now the USATF) in the distance events. He credits a great many mentors for his expertise: Al Pingel (his first high school coach), Dick Swanson (his college coach), Dr Joe I Vigil, Jerry Quiller, Jack Daniels, and Gary Wilson. Today he finds inspiration in the coaching of Mike Smith, Lance Harter, and Mark Wetmore.

Join the Team!

“Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with you as the product.” Fast Company

Take your running to the next level. You don’t need to do it alone.

Live Far Away?

While many long distance relationships come with many challenges, long distance coaching is relatively easy. Sign up for the basic plan. We’ll handle it as if you were nearby and add some technology like video and ZOOM to make it feel like nearby.

Getting to know you...

To begin the coaching process, we’d love to get to know about you. Click the button below and let’s get started. If you have any questions, email 

So, what's all that running lingo?

There is a lot to understand when it comes to training. Unfortunately, many different programs use words to describe elements of a training plan in various ways. That can get really confusing. 

So, on our Training Video and Tips page we attempt to clear up some of the mess.


how does the coaching work?

The Peak Performance Edge will utilize 21st century coaching apps to deliver your workouts and provide a venue for implementation and monitoring. Training is a commitment, so we will work together for a minimum of three months and a maximum of as long as it takes.

what about access?

Successful Coach/Athlete relationships are forged by interaction. It is my hope to supervise training sessions once or twice a week. With the Corona Virus firmly restricting group meetings and hampering in-person settings, caution should be exercised. Each training package includes varying access.

what kind of workouts?

Workouts vary based primarily on two factors: the athlete and the event. An experienced marathoner would definitely have a different training plan than a first time 5-10K runner. Most importantly, workouts are designed for the INDIVIDUAL and their needs. Strength training and other activities may be added as needed.

but really, what kind of workouts?

No matter the event, the cycles of all training begin with a solid base of aerobic training as it is the backbone of success. The next phase introduces strength work to the mix building a tougher, more competitive runner. Finally we focus on speed and power, although speed is an included element of all phases.

what is the cost of the basic package?

Pricing is simple. The Basic package is $99 per month. You receive workouts weekly, participate in a personal call monthly and have unlimited access to email/texting. You may also participate in “team” calls/zoom meetings and have access to training tips and resources in the video bank

what is the cost of the ultimate package?

The “Ultimate” Package is $139 per month. It includes all components of the Basic Package PLUS periodic supervised workout sessions (once Corona Virus restrictions ease), and a WEEKLY call. If paid quarterly, the discounted price is $360.

The road to Peak Performance begins by reaching out...

You can email me at to schedule a phone appointment. Or begin by completing the Runner Questionnaire by clicking the button below (the guy who looks like he’s clicking). If we decide that we are a good fit,  we will get on the road to your Peak Performance Edge.