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Day 42: Miles, Milestones and Adjustments

It was a fine week in the mileage world. 52 for the week, crossing 700 for the year, and blazing by 115,000 on the lifetime count.

While none of these miles and milestones actually get me too excited, I’m more optimistic that I have had an extremely mediocre dietary week and still lost a pound. That, more than anything else has me ready to make some adjustments in the week to come.

First, I haven’t been to the gym in 5 weeks. You COULD blame that on the Coronavirus except for one minor detail: the gym is in the basement. So, since I have a difficult time going down those stairs, I have devised a new program to make it a more one stop sort of thing. Every other day, we’ll, lift, do core, and stretch, all in one sitting, so to speak. Sure, that will work.

And then this is the week to pull back in the diet reins and get a little purer with what I eat. Who knows, maybe even the juicing week……. or at least five days. We’ll see.

As far as mileage goes it’s slow and my knee is sore. Having said that, I just don’t care too much and head out there with that expectation. Good days become twice as good then as they’re a surprise. As far as the replacement of said knee, it’s looking like December will be the right time from several standpoints: mostly work and fitness.

Passing 115,000 miles, while nice, was just okay. 120,000 will be cooler, but the upcoming biggie will be 124,274.2, which will be 200,000 kilometers. I don’t imagine being around running long enough for 150,000, but who knows, right?

So we stay the course. How about you?

Run on!

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