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Day 18: Well, THAT was a surprise!

I’d just got in from 5 miles in the Cherry Creek State Park, which was GORGEOUS this morning. Barely a cloud in the sky, cooler temps than the previous two days, and a nice chat with my youngest son, Ryan.

So, I send him off to head to bed (he works nights at Amazon) and decide it’s shower time. I’m feeling a little down, slightly stressed, monstrously fat, and as I peel off my clothes, I’m thinking, “I’ll bet I’ve actually GAINED weight the last couple of weeks. While I’ve gone like 96% plant based, I’m munching too much at night and still throwing in the occasional egg or cheese something. Let’s say I’m less than perfect. 

I figured, I’m already crabby, I might as well suck it up and hit the scale and pound that extra nail into my little pity party coffin. So as I stepped up, I said, “233-34.” I don’t know about you, but when I am expecting a bad result on the scale, I like to say it before the scale does. I think it’s to lighten the bad news. So, I step up…… the scale says 224.0. What??? That cannot be. I got off and did it again….. 224.0. Huh?????  I showered, came back out: 224.0. Huh………. Okay.

So with a little bit of goods news (that’s 17+ pounds in about 5+ weeks), I was ready to recommit to doing even better. Haven’t lifted in a week. Got to get on that. Haven’t done Yoga with Adrienne in about a week. Got to get on that. Need to try the 5 days of juicing……. we’ll see (oh yeah, I mean, Got to get on that).

On the less than perfect side, the knee thing has become a fairly constant source of pain. At this point it seems like I really need to focus on the icing to reduce inflammation. Got to get on that. 

All in all, I guess the transformation is moving along nicely. Day 18, almost in the books.

Happy almost Memorial Day. Gonna miss the Bolder Boulder this year…..

Run on.