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Wow, It’s been two weeks…..

Hoka One One Rincon

Wow, It’s been two weeks since the last post. All 6 of my readers must be thinking I’d disappeared.

The reason for my prolonged absence has been that, for the most part, it’s been two weeks of kind of simply going through the motions. 41 miles last week and 41 miles this week is only moderately acceptable. Of course it’s WAAAAY better than 20-30 miles like in January, February, and March. SO, I’ll take it.

My knee has, as well, been uneventful. Sore often and with that funny feeling sometimes like the knee is unattached at the bottom (which is a VERY weird sensation). Nonetheless, not debilitating and not massive amounts of pain. Okay for now.

Found a nice knee strap on Amazon. It’s the Hueglo. They come in a two pack and actually are 1) massively cheap, and 2) work better than any other full or half brace I’ve tried and WAAAAY better than RockTape. Plan on testing it with a step up in the running this coming week. Here’s the link if you need lower knee support:  Two for $11.98 can’t be beat.

Also rocking a new pair of Hoka One One Rincons. Finding me knee liking my old Hoka Cliftons more than my Nikes lately, I decided to give these new Rincons a try and so far….. real good. I’m liking the cushioning, especially in the forefoot, and once I stopped tying them quite so tight on my left foot, they are fantastic. PLUS!!!!! They were a Father’s Day gift from my wonderful sons, Matt and Ryan.

Have been pretty steady on the Plant Based diet. The occasional cheese enters a meal every so often and maybe an egg or two drop in once a week. If the truth be told, I actually had Ginger Soy Salmon last week as a treat and it was delicious. On the whole, however, PlantPower rules.

Totally an epic failure in the weight, core, stretch category though. Yikes, it can’t be that difficult to walk down to the basement every other day, can it? Well, we’ll work on that.

However….. ROCKING the meditation practice. 61 days in a row and really liking it. Headspace app and Andy Puddicombe are fabulous. I’m really enjoying working my way through mindfulness and focus things that I have always been fairly good at naturally, but the techniques have been great at creating a discipline to the way I handle thoughts and emotions.

All in all, feeling great in the pandemic and shooting for being in the best shape possible come December and the knee replacement.

Stay safe and run on!