Grateful Running in the Pandemic.

It’s interesting the subtle change. It’s not just today or last week, because it can also happen in that race when, for awhile, you’ve been reduced to a walk. You’re going along and you think, “well this isn’t so bad,” OR you’re thinking, “Man, walking sucks.” Then all of a sudden, the walk becomes a jog, a run, a jaunt….. then in that next moment, it’s completely different and you… Read More »Grateful Running in the Pandemic.

Movement Breeds Optimism: Less Bored in the Pandemic….

It’s been a month since my last post and everyone who thought this Corona thing would go away “quickly,” whatever that meant, is still trying to get their bearings. Frankly, since day one, I decided I wasn’t going to get it and have done everything I can to make sure I didn’t. So far…… Awesome.My work has been crippled immensely b y this thing. When you travel and teach large… Read More »Movement Breeds Optimism: Less Bored in the Pandemic….

Bored Running Update amid the pandemic…..

Kind of bored. Not like going out of my mind crazy bored, but mostly just bored. Not like sheltering in place bored, just bored. Bored like a guy who does this “be in the house” thing all the time when he isn’t traveling and teaching. You know, bored.I’m so bored in fact, that having crashed the 30 mile barrier this week, I wondered how badly this running year is going… Read More »Bored Running Update amid the pandemic…..

Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Ever. For now….

Normally this is a place for posts about running. Well, at Christmas time I will confess that I spend WAY more time engulfed in Hallmark movies than running. Yeah, I know, I’m a grown ass man. What am I doing with an obsession for those sappy, unrealistic two hour sagas? The answer is simple: I love sappy. I love predictable, I love happy endings. I love Christmas. I love the… Read More »Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Ever. For now….

Downsizing in 2020

Approximately 52 million or 16% of Americans are age 65 and over. It is easy to understand that some of them are thinking of downsizing their home because they don’t need the same space they did in the past. It can be liberating to divest yourself of “things” that have been accumulated over the years but are no longer needed. Moving to a less expensive home, could provide savings for… Read More »Downsizing in 2020

The Proof is in the Miles. Get OUT 2019!

Holy Crap!I haven’t run this little since High School. Even in the “bad” years when I worked at Coldwell Banker and struggled to get runs in, I ran more than in 2019.1106. 1106 miles. In fact, in 2018 I almost had that by the halfway point. A bad year, indeed. And with the knee replacement in June, I don’t expect the next year to be much better. 1106 miles. That’s barely averaging… Read More »The Proof is in the Miles. Get OUT 2019!

Yesterday I Woke Up on the Couch

Yesterday I woke up on the couch. No, this isn’t a story about marital trouble and it is not a commercial about the world’s most comfortable couch (although mine is pretty comfortable). This is a story about decisions. Yesterday, I was supposed to awaken in a bed at Rose Medical Center. I would awaken there because two days ago I was scheduled for my  knee replacement. While my Doctor said… Read More »Yesterday I Woke Up on the Couch

It’s Really Kind of Sad

It’s been a long time since I wanted to write anything on this blog site. I’ve done some running since July 29 (last post), but nothing of any significance whatsoever.I write today while basking in the comfort of the once lovely Best Western North River, awaiting tomorrow morning’s Chicago Marathon. I was supposed to run Chicago last year, but my knee caused me to defer until this one. This knee… Read More »It’s Really Kind of Sad


Some people Blame it on Rio. Not me. For me, Rome is the culprit. In fact, all of Italy is to blame.I’d never been to Italy. Heck, I’d never been to Europe or in fact across either of the Oceans. My life, although much traveled, is domestic in nature. But the trip I took this summer with my wife Linda, and her family, sort of woke me up. And now… Read More »Decisions……

A Trip to Italy (and maybe some runs) Part 13, Arrivederci Italy!

Our Ride We were up before the alarm. The anticipation of a long trip home sort of weighed on us as we headed down the scary elevator to meet our “driver.”There had been a little bit of a joke about us opting for the car instead of the taxi. Well, not when we hit the curb. There was our guy in a black suit driving a black frickin’ Mercedes Benz.… Read More »A Trip to Italy (and maybe some runs) Part 13, Arrivederci Italy!