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Somebody stop me!

Actually, don’t stop me.

After another great week of running, I’ll have to stop myself. After one more. I promise.

At least this week I didn’t try to kid myself. I’ve been working on a backing off a week for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I get to the middle of the week and change my mind. This week I held no such illusions. I planned on running 80 miles from the get-go (does get-go get hyphenated?). Ended with 81. Also nicely set up to have the month log about 310-320 miles.

Nothing overly eventful. Lots of trails in the CCSP. Solid days of easy, and decently paced running AND….. more weight loss. I’m down 37 pounds in 3 1/2 months as I weighed in at 191.8 this morning (Sunday). I can tell the difference (I would hope so), mostly I can feel the difference. The goal is 167 by November 6 (I weighed 167 on my 40th birthday almost 24 years ago). After that, who knows, I might get so thin that if I turn sideways and stick out my tongue, I’ll look like a zipper.

I’ve also carved out a bit of a race schedule for the remainder of the year (with some additions to come). Here it is:

August 8             Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
September 12     Imogene Pass Run  (17+ miles)
October 4            Hot Chocolate Run in Denver (15K 9.3 miles)
October 18          Denver Half Marathon (OR run the full as a long run)
November ??      Some Marathon somewhere
November 26      Denver Wash Park Turkey Trot (4 miles)
December 5        North Face Challenge San Francisco (50 K  31.9 miles)

Also began reading The Ultra Mindset by Travis Macy. Not bad. Cool stories and so far (halfway through) some good life/running lessons. Once completed, I’m moving on to Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultra Running in preparation for the North Face 50K, my first Ultra.

Also discovered and enjoying Great shoe and gear reviews, cool interviews and some awesome short films, mostly about ultra running.

And of course, what would the week be without an awesome Kilian Jornet video. So, here it is:

Feeling very focused about pretty much everything at this point. Ready to knock out another great week. How about you?

Run on.