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Turning the Corner?

So maybe, just maybe, we turned the corner last week. First off, it was a 50 mile week. I haven’t had one of those since October of last year and actually only had 6 weeks in all of last year at 50+. Next, a 13 mile run on Saturday. 13 isn’t 18 or 20 or more, but it’s a long run for now and since the word “long” is relative anyway, I’m happy with it.

The real upside is that I’m actually on runs right now, as opposed to the jogs I’ve been on the last couple of months. The 13 mile run was at 1:30 per mile faster than I have been doing my regular runs and I wasn’t really pushing at all. That’s a good thing. Probably also means I run my regular runs too slow.

So with a hair less than eight weeks until the Eugene Half or Full marathon, I’m making zero decisions for another month. Just going to run.

Busy week coming with four days of all day teaching and three days on the road. The goal is to keep the mileage up as that is always the business traveling challenge. I have hopes of the 55 mile week. We’ll see.

So that’s it. As Eliud says, “run with the run.” Run on.