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Ten Reasons Being a Realtor is like Marathoning

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.35.50 AMThere are two things in my life I have done for a considerable amount of time: running (51 years – over 111,000 miles) and real estate (26 years). What I have learned from these experiences is that they are incredibly alike. So without further ado, I give you the Top Ten Reasons Being a Realtor is like Marathoning.

10. It sounds extremely easy the first time someone says “you should give it a whirl.” In fact, you might even say, “Oh yeah, piece of cake. Anyone can do that. I’m in!”

9. While you can get by on natural talent for little while, pretty soon you have to begin working at it like nothing else you’ve ever done if you desire to be great.

8. The people who are the best are the ones with short term goals that keep an eye on the long term strategy.

7. Steady pace always rules.

6. Delayed Gratification. It takes considerable time and patience to build success in either area.

5. A good foundation will lay the course for future accomplishment. The wider the base, the higher the peak.

4. You will run into good patches and bad patches. Keep going and see rules #6 and 7.

3. The D’s. Determination, Dedication, Discipline.

2. While you learn a great many things over your career, the most valuable ones you will learn about yourself.

1. When it all comes together and you’re making it look effortless, rejoice in everything you did to get to that place and enjoy!