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Allyson Felix Rules and Did I Hear Tim Tebow? Oly Trials Day 7

You can say what you want about 100 meter runoffs and/or coin flips, in the middle of all of that hoopla, Allyson Felix remained calm, cool, collected and FAST! She completely dropped the hammer on the entire 200 m field last night in Eugene to highlight a fairly boring slate of track and field (translation: no distance events). 
Felix came out of the blocks quickly and seemed to hit a whole other gear coming out of the curve. Props to her for the great time (21.69) and her dominance.
On a completely different topic, I have noticed a huge amount of post race praying (or contemplation or knee-dropping exhaustion) during the Trials. That, coupled with the constant interview references to God and Jesus, have me wondering something: why was/is Tim Tebow such a big deal?
Athletes have been praising God and thanking Jesus for decades. I had no problem with it then and no problem with it now. In fact, I can’t imagine a day without some appreciation and/or gratitude to my Creator. But where is the outrage at the Trials?
Yeah, I know, track and field doesn’t have nearly the impact of something really “important” like football (yes, you did notice complete and utter sarcasm) but I still am perplexed. Tebow is definitely not the first, nor will he be the last religious/spiritual athlete. So why the double standard?

Just wondering…