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Savannah Marathon: Four Down, Fourteen to go!

An awesome month!

Had a good week – heck, a good four weeks, as the focus for Savannah Marathon prep has been volume and volume. 84, 81, 80 and 80 have been the weekly mileage totals. One more week of easy stuff and then we begin to mix in the fun workouts: half mile repeats, tempo runs, and dare I say it…. 400s on the track. Also, lost 20 pounds in the last 5 1/2 weeks. Looking for twenty more before marathon day. With fourteen weeks to go, who knows. Might get high school skinny (doubtful, as I weighed 139 pounds soaking wet in high school).

Luckily, it’s been an easy month to run. After all, it’s summer, Olympic track and field (and marathon) are just around the corner and I keep getting closer to 100,000 miles (see for a few more details on that). Should get there in late September. 

Then what? Well, there is always 200,000 kilometers (yeah, that’s 124,274.24 miles, I already checked).

Sad about the withdrawal of Paula Radcliffe from the Olympic Women’s Marathon this weekend. Paula has been such a studette and a major inspiration to everyone for SO many years. It would have been nice if she had been able to get in one final 26.2 in her home country. Still going to be an incredible race though with Shalane, Kara and hopefully Desi (nursing some injuries) toeing the start against the East Africans.

Also, way excited about the men’s and women’s 10K, 5K, steeple and of course the men’s marathon. Can’t wait. Distance races rule!

Run on!

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