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Somebody Stop Me!

I just began reading Dean Karnazes book “Ultra Marathon” last night and think I am in severe trouble. This morning I went to and then listened to podcasts on of Dean and Mike Wardian on my run. If that wasn’t bad enough, prior to writing this post, I seriously considered entering the Greenland 50K, held next May here in Colorado. The only thing that saved me was registration doesn’t open until January 1st!
Maybe by New Years I will have regained my senses.
I’ve run 97,000 miles and 15 marathons. Plenty of folks have run MANY more. My longest run was a thirty mile jaunt three decades ago and I did run the Pikes Peak Marathon when it was 28 miles, instead of 26.2. In my forty-five years of pounding the pavement, the temptation to go further than 26.2 has had the overall appeal of ripe skunk carcass. Until now.
Before I do anything desperate, I am attempting to identify the source of my madness and I think I am narrowing it down. First, I don’t run 2:58 for the marathon anymore (and honestly 3:58 seems like alot of work right now). I suppose I will put one together on a good day and be happy with the result, but for the most part being semi-speedy is no longer my forte. So I guess that means I go longer, right?
David Carner getting buckled!
Then, I seriously want to blame my friends. Long time friend, David Carner just buckled at the Leadville 100 mile, his fourth such century undertaking. Up in Canada, my friend Lisa Miller is talking about some thing called the Death Race…. What is wrong with these people? And how and when did they implant this malfunctioning chip into my brain?
Finally I blame Al Gore. If it were not for the invention of the internet, I wouldn’t have seen that the winner in my age group (I turn 60 for next year’s racing) averaged 11:02. Conspiracy? Maybe!

In the next three months prior to the opening of Greenland registration, I will be counting on my moderately sane friends to talk me off of this ultra ledge. Unfortunately, I think it’ll take some serious talking…

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