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Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs. And Thanks!

I’m typing this on my Macbook with my iPhone sitting nearby. In the office sits my 24″ iMac, tall, like the guardian to the gates (no pun intended) of my speaking business. I owe it all to Steve Jobs.
Basically, I switched from being a Windows PC sort of guy to being an OS Mac kind of guy because of the iPhone. It seemed so simple, worked so effortlessly and had so much bang, how could the computer not be just as awesome? I was right, it was/is. And my iMac is so cool, in fact, that many times I would rather watch a DVD on it rather than my Samsung plasma. Next, and I don’t know exactly when, I will be an iPad owner.
Like Steve came back to Apple, these tools I utilize in my everyday life are my second journey to his company. Almost thirty years ago, as a young Teacher/Coach in the 80’s, my Apple II made my life easier through the amazing things I could do to be more productive. I could enter, seed, administrate and publish an entire 20 team track and field meet in one-tenth the time it previously took by hand. It was a Jobs-send.
The thing about Steve Jobs was that he got it. He knew what would help people be better, more productive, more stimulated and he went out and did it. He understood the reality that it wasn’t what the gadget did that mattered, it was what you did with the gadget that made all the difference. Life has been easier for millions because of Steve Jobs. For that, I am grateful.
More than just the idea man, I respected Jobs for being the ultimate front man, as well. His presentations were cutting edge visual, extremely content-laden and frankly, put most company CEO’s to shame (and hopefully raising the bar at the same time). He was a man who knew what people wanted and would want tomorrow, and delivered it in the most effective of ways.
They say he could be demanding and cranky. Wow, really? I cannot imagine a veritable genius being a bit cranky trying to get the masses to keep up with the vision. As one of the great Paris-Roubaix cycling race T Shirts exclaimed, “Go hard or go home.” I’m guessing that would have looked good in Jobs’ office.
Honestly, I’m a bit surprised at my feelings of loss on this day of the death of Steve Jobs. Then again, maybe not, as he certainly was the poster child for the if-you-want-it-go-get-it-attitude that I try to bring into my own business everyday. In fact, among the many great words he shared in his lifetime, to me, these stand out: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs. And thanks!