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I’m Sorry, Tim Tebow, But I Just Don’t Care!

Tim Tebow
Facebook and Twitter are lit up! All of my friends are talking about it…. Tim Tebow led the big comeback yesterday and the Broncos ALMOST won (actually isn’t it only a real comeback if you win?)! Is it Tebow time? I don’t know, but I will say this: Here we go again. I will also say this: it doesn’t much matter to me.
It’s not that I don’t like Tim Tebow. Heck, I don’t even know him. And it’s not that I’m not a Bronco fan …… well, I’d better not go there. It’s just that 1) the guy hardly played last year (his rookie year) and has seen extremely limited time (even at practice) this year. Even John Elway wasn’t John Elway for a few years. So maybe we could just sow down a little here. and 2) I was busy this weekend.
Kara Goucher and me
Saturday I ran long. It was snowing, the wind was blowing and it was chilly. I finished strong, very strong (talk about a comeback). Then I religiously cheered for my Ironman favorites, Chrissie Wellington, Mirinda Carefrae, Craig Alexander and Chris Lieto for hours online. These are remarkable athletes who only wish they made in their careers what Tim makes in a season (not Tim’s fault, by the way). In between, I supported the Denver marathon Expo and was lucky enough to get to chat with Kara Goucher, one of the world’s finest female distance runners. I didn’t really have the time to ponder upon how our Denver football team would do on the following day. I hit the sack early having done quite a bit.
Chris Siemers: Best Sunday performance in any sport
Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn watching Ryan Hall shoot for victory in the Chicago Marathon only to be thwarted by Kenyans. Again, I was relegated to watching this international event online as ESPN was showing Poker, or Bowling for Furniture or some important sport like that (thanking Al Gore for his wonderful invention). Then it was off to Wash Park to watch the Denver Marathon go by. First, Chris Siemers, who did nothing less than run the fastest marathon ever run in Colorado AND qualified for the Olympic Trials at altitude. Siemers, by the way, has to have a full time job to make ends meet despite his incredible prowess. Then, one of my favorite runners, Josh Cox came by. Josh, the American record holder for 50K had been in Hawaii the day before with sponsor obligations, caught a late flight, and used the 26.2 mile course as a training run in preparation for January’s Olympic Marathon Trials.
Josh Cox 26.2 mile workout (6 min pace)
Then…. it was off to the Highline Canal and my ten mile tempo run. Talk about a comeback (#2 for me), 2:30 faster for the second five miles. I felt strong and satisfied with the day’s work. Upon arriving home, I checked on the final Chitown results, looked for some post race interviews and took it easy. Around 5:30 or so, I was just in time for the last minute of Tebow time. Ohhhh, so close. So, the big question now is: Is It Tebow Time?
I like Tim Tebow. I wish him the best, not just for him but also for the so-called experts to be wrong. I also have nothing against the Broncos (well, until they play the Lions later this season). It’s just that I’m too busy being involved in the things in and around what I actually DO, in my life to be a spectator or a fan of something else.
George Sheehan once wrote, “From the moment you become a spectator, everything is downhill.” And for me, he is right. I’m still more than active enough and involved enough to be excited about the world to which I can relate first-hand. Everything else is, well, just not that interesting to me.

Perhaps this makes me a tad weird. I accept that. I suppose there could be room in my life for football, basketball and the like. But, there isn’t and I’m okay with that. So Tim Tebow, I wish you the best. I just don’t actually care, okay?