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Ankle Magnet: Log Week of June 22

Ankle Magnet

If you look at it, it’s not a big deal. When I was younger and ran faster, it happened more often. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had it happen in, gosh, maybe ten years. Unfortunately, it’s back: the ankle magnet is back.

The initial occurrence (and it only takes ONE) was on Friday’s long run on the East/West Regional trail in Douglas County. I was moving down a fairly steep decline and without warning my right foot, instead of smoothly passing through as it has millions of times before, decided to clip/bang/smash my left ankle bone. Ouch! But ouch was only the beginning.

Many experienced, and not as experienced runners, know what happens next. The ankle, in some masochistic manner begins to act as a magnet, constantly drawing the foot back to the scene of the crime. It returns without warning, but for at least a couple of days, it always returns. Bang – ouch; bang – ouch, bang – ouch. 

East/West Trail

On Saturday’s run, the attraction between ankle and foot was considerably strong. Sunday, a bit less. This morning, none. I hope this phenomenon is over (at least for another ten years).

Nonetheless ankle magnet was one of the few negatives in a very good training week. After a poor start to the week (8 miles Monday, 6 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 8 on Thursday), I found that I felt good and just wanted to RUN!

Friday was sixteen on the aforementioned East/West trail. It was a challenging run featuring the three H’s: heat, humidity and hills. The first thirteen were downright easy followed by the big hill in mile fourteen. Feeling good, I decided to push the hill and did so rather nicely. Unfortunately, that pretty much did me in for the final two. 

Saturday, I ran twice. Nine easy ones in the AM and another four in the evening. All of a sudden my week was taking a mileage upswing. It would all depend on how I was feeling Sunday morning.

Being the smart guy I am, I decided to run a bit earlier. We’ve had a bit of heat lately, following a month and a half of rain, so early is good. I left the house ready to conquer the loop around the Cherry Creek Reservoir with the temperature reading a nice 59 degrees. 14 miles later, it was up to 78. Yikes! Other than the heat, I actually felt pretty good. Good enough, in fact, that I went another four with my wife, Linda, in the evening. 18 for the day. AND……. 75 for the week. The most in quite some time.

Another milestone was hit on Sunday. After three months of no soda and a mildly regulated diet, I finally cracked 200. I began this journey weighing 228.6 and now dropped to 199.2. Halfway there!

This coming week I expect to back off a bit, something in the 50-60 range. Planning either a long run over the weekend (I’m thinking Magnolia Road in Boulder) OR running the La Sportiva Vail Hill Climb on Sunday. Either way….. fun.

Run on!