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A Better Life: Two Minute Tip 25

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Occasionally life  and work can become amazingly simple. A goal(s) can make things clearer. Sometimes all we’d like to do is get/be better. Fortunately, there is a pretty simple three step process to achieve that and it was given to us by Tony Robbins.

First, if you want to be better, you have to have a higher standard. If you want to be “better” then yesterday’s expectations, yesterday’s standard, must be higher. We get what we expect and  that should be reflected in the standards we set for ourselves. Higher standards = higher expectations.

Next, we need to bump up our belief system. We have to give up our limiting beliefs and embrace a new paradigm. A belief is nothing more than a feeling of certainty about what something means to us. In order to achieve a higher standard, we must interpret things differently.

Finally, we need a plan. All the higher standards and bumped up beliefs won’t change a thing until we implement our pathway to whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. While stuff happens, being better is not an accident. It takes strategy and execution.