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Real Estate Carabiner: Part 2

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Otto Herzog’s use of the Carabiner in mountain climbing was based solely on the idea of connection. In sales, a lack of connection may not be as life threatening as it is in the mountain, but it might be close in a business sense. Here are five keys to connection:

1. Be genuine. People want to know the real you, the honest you, the authentic you.

2. Provide massive help. a huge part of connecting with people in the world of sales is helping them. Don’t just help a little, help a lot!

3. Pay unbelievable attention. Sales people talk the talk when it comes to making it all about the customer. The best connection is just that: all about the customer.

4. Persistence pays. The longer you pay attention to someone, the more you lavish attention, the more it pays in the end.

5. Remain unforgettable. In this world of disposable everything, remain connected through repetition of contact. Top of mind awareness is a real thing, use it by staying in touch.