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It’s Halftime: Tip 22

Yesterday marked the halfway point of the year. It’s halftime so to speak. So, how’s the game going so far? You winning? Losing? Not keeping score?

While it’s a pretty good idea to consistently monitor your goals throughout the year, halftime is a logical time for an in-depth check and maybe some tweaking, restructuring or ditching. Some of your goals are right on the money. You’ve done the work and are seeing the results. No problem with those.

Occasionally, at halftime, we see that our goal will be nailed by such a large margin or so soon that maybe we need to raise the bar a little higher. If that’s the case, congratulations to you. On the other hand, there may be a goal or two that even though half the year remains, it’s pretty clear it’s just not going to happen.

Take a moment; reflect on what occurred to put you in that spot. Maybe the goal was too high, maybe the setbacks were too damaging, maybe you weren’t as committed as you could have been. Then, if it’s the right choice, either dump or tweak the goal. There is no shame in re-examining where you are headed. In fact it is essential