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5 Great Tips to Email Marketing

Al Gore’s invention of the internet has allowed for a plethora of time and money saving applications designed to make our lives easier.

How did we ever find anything before Google? Then, there’s Facebook, certainly that has made your life easier. Where else can you hang out with your friends and everyone else on the planet and unapologetically have your privacy violated at every turn. But I digress.

For agents, as well as civilians, one of the greatest advancements has been email.

It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch, communicate important information and market your business through the power of email connection.

There are countless venues for delivering an email marketing messages: constant contact, mail chimp and bombbomb to name a few.

Maybe in a future tip, we’ll explore some of the better ones. For now, let’s focus on simply sending better email marketing with five tips to sending email marketing that gets results.