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August and The Halfway Report

The end of August brings to close a good training month and the halfway point in training for the Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon. After nine weeks of my eighteen week training block (689 miles so far, or 76.5 per week), I am happy to report all systems are go! I feel like I have a nice base of work leading in to the coming weeks as I shift to more quality, less quantity. Long runs as follows 15 miles (3 times), 16 miles (twice), 17, 18, 19 have all helped build the foundation. Will get a few 19-22 in the next five weeks.

August contained 325 miles and that is the second best month I have had in a decade (the best being July with 369). It was pretty easy to be motivated in August with the Olympics going. The highlight had to be my run of Mt. Tamalpais and the Muir Woods.

I began the 18 week block at 220.8 pounds and am down to 195.4. The progress has been slow and steady and can be attributed to a great combination of training and cutting out sugar and bad carbs. My goal was to be at 175 by November 3, so barring the unforeseen, I might make it. Hopefully, I’ll finish the year around 165 (that would be an awesome weight for me) and will spend 2013 maintaining.

Park to Park ten mile race tomorrow in Denver. Planning to run steady and heart rate monitored. Then a 5K the next weekend and the Denver Half on September 22. Mostly want to return to a racing mindset after twelve years of non-racing.

As a side note, the quest to 100,000 miles moves on with less than 200 to go. Not sure what day I will cross over but I’m guessing in about 15-18 days

Stay safe and have a great run!

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  1. Awesome progress Rich. I have no doubt you'll be in tip top shape for Savannah! I can hardly believe it's just around the corner. Training is moving along quite nicely. Wow, you will look like a twig at 165! I think 175 is skinny for your height already! You beat me to Mt. Tam, I've never ran it and to think all those years I lived in the Bay Area…

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