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Alberto Salazar for President!

The Olympics have come and gone and the world seems to be back to its usual divided self. And when I say “the world” what I really mean is all parts of the world: countries and countries, people and people. No better example of this has been the spewing from both sides of the political spectrum since the choosing of Paul Ryan over the weekend. Frankly, I’ve had it.

The Olympics brings together “the youth of the world” every four years. And while there are some troubling, even disturbing happenings at each Olympics, they are our best example of what can happen when people work together.

My favorite moment of this London Olympics was the Gold and Silver medals of Mo Farah and Galen Rupp in the 10,000 meter track race. Two hard working athletes beating the favored East Africans and doing so having the same coach. Because of that fact, I wish to submit the following: Alberto Salazar for President!

Yep, move over Barack, step aside Mitt. I’m in favor of Alberto to be our next man in the oval office. Why, you ask? Okay, here goes….

My belief is that a real President unites a country. He or she should be able to bring people of opposing viewpoints and sometimes even opposing goals together for the greater good. While the track record of either of our candidates is questionable, at best, look what Alberto has done.

He took two runners, both coveting what only one could have: the gold medal, and got them to work together, even become friends, by teaching them the power of cooperation. Two men from different countries, different backgrounds, different races (pun intended) working for a common goal – to become as good as they can become! They pushed each other, worked incredibly hard together and even raced together during their most meaningful competition. And it worked.

Alberto Salazar could also teach our candidates something about how leadership really works. He gives his runners the tools, the resources and his support, but he doesn’t (and realizes that he can’t) run for them. He understands that THEY are the important part and he does what he does for THEM.

Benjamin Zander once wrote, “the conductor of an orchestra doesn’t make a sound. His power derives from his ability to make other people powerful.” I think Alberto gets that. The other two guys, not so sure. 

Unfortunately, all of this is for naught as Alberto Salazar can never be President. He was born in Cuba and our Constitution clearly states a President must be a natural born citizen. I’m thinking, however, that we could make an exception. After all, from what I read one of our candidates is from Kenya and the other is from silver spoon land.

Anyway, sad to see the Olympics end. Wish the election would.