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Still Here – Still Waiting…

I am confessing to being highly UNmotivated about my running the last five weeks or so.
Yeah, I’m still running. Hanging in at about 45 miles a week. In fact, as of this morning’s run, the consecutive day streak sits at 492. It’s getting up there. Fast becoming one of my best streaks. I’m even being consistent with my strength and core work. Motivational? Not really.
I was going to enter the Napa Valley Marathon and thought that might be the key to a surge in focus and drive. But I didn’t. Really not motivated enough to spend the money to run casually slow with the masses.

I thought the Olympic Marathon Trials would help. It was an awesome spectacle of America’s finest distance runners and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But no, no long lasting effect on my own get up and go.

I spent a week in Southern California and thought that would help me bounce back. The warm climate, the sea level bounty of oxygen… Unfortunately outside of a couple of decent runs around the Mission Bay area, it just didn’t do it for me.
So, I’m out the door. Excited about the morning run?

Not so much. But it’s coming. Run on! (Well, maybe the exclamation point is a bit much)