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Partial Do Over!

After a week of careful self examination and contemplation, I have set my running goals for the year 2012. Mostly, I have decided that the “failures” of 2011 (and there were several) will be incentives for 2012.
So, without further jibber-jabber and/or needless pontification, here are my goals for this year of elections, Olympics and an extra day…
1. Run every day. This was one of the goals I accomplished last year. I’m proud of my streaks because they indicate two very important things: health and dedication.
2. 2500 miles. After nearly 2800 in 2011, you could say I’m backing off or wimping out (that’s okay, you really CAN say it). Actually, I’m simply trying to be a little more relaxed. PLUS all I need to do is get to 100,000 total career miles by the Mayan Calendar deadline and we’ll see after that (need 2195 miles for that).
3. Races. Simple: 3 marathons (would love it if one is New York but that’s a crap shoot and a VERY EXPENSIVE crap shoot at that), 1 Half Ironman, a 50K+ and 10 other assorted runs of varying length (time to hit the 5K – Half Mar circuit).
4. More weight loss. Dropped 32, ended up with 26 net loss last year. Need that much again to be lean and mean. And don’t worry, I still won’t be mistaken for an East African by any means.
5. Strength and Core work. The goal is 120 days of S & C.

So there they are, my goals – set in stone. I’m excited. And by the way, it’s Leap Year. We get another day to run! NICE!!!

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