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It’s So Good We Use it Ourselves!

After a meeting today at the Colorado Association of Realtors, I trekked over to the Park Meadows Mall for a few minutes. As per usual when I make a mall appearance, I cruised my way over to the Apple store to poke around.
Two observations: 1) While most of the stores at the mall were desperate for traffic, the Apple store was PACKED! The reasons for this are moderately obvious: people get to play. Sure, the store is hip, the music is cool and there is help everywhere you turn. The biggie, however, is that you get to play. You can play with an iMac, a Macbook, an ipod or iphone and mostly, from what I observed, you can play with an iPad. The help (all one million of them) is friendly, attentive and knowledgeable (and that is lacking in many/most retail outlets).
2) Next, under the heading of “we practice what we preach,” at least a third of the “floor” people were using iPads to answer customers questions, or to set up appointments for service or training. It was kind of refreshing, although not unexpected, that the Apple employees would be readily utilizing one of their own product/resources to conduct their own business. It’s so good, we use it ourselves!

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Steve Jobs’ company but that doesn’t mean I’m not still impressed.