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Market Piggy A Problem

It’s just a toe. The big one; the “this little piggy went to market” one. 
It’s just a toe and it shouldn’t be able to bring down a big boy like me, robbing what was supposed to be a 60+ mile week. But it did!
Yesterday I stubbed my right big toe. At the time, it hurt, but I certainly didn’t think it was of a magnitude to be a problem. Today, however, I was able to log a mere 4 miles, half of the eight that was scheduled.
I’m hoping that tomorrow is a better day. The upside is that this is better happening now, in week four of the eighteen week training program, than in week eighteen.

It could be worse. Robert Louis Stevenson said, “It’s a pleasant thing to be young, and have ten toes.” And while I am not as young as I used to be (except in my mind), at least my toes are still there. Even though the big one hurts!