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It’s Halftime!

Tomorrow is June 30th. Half of the year is gone. So tell me (or someone else or just yourself), how’s it going? Are you on schedule to have the kind of year you planned? Business working? Family? Recreational activities? Other things? How’s your running going?
I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. To me, any day is a good day to set goals and strive to get better. I do know, however, that many goals are set in conjunction with the calendar year. So, since tomorrow is the halfway point, I’ll ask again, how is it going? 
For me, I am on target for some of my goals, really close enough to call it “on target” for some others, and there are some that simply are not happening as I planned. As a result, I am optimistic about a few, hopeful on some others and ready to either alter a few OR find some new approaches that will help me achieve those pesky ones.
As runners, many of us log our mileage because it gives us feedback on the way to our goals. Mileage might be a goal, a PR at a particular distance or in many cases goals are event driven. To finish a marathon, to participate in a special event. There are as many goals as we are able to imagine. So, how are you doing?
I set several goals this year and will be accountable right here, right now. Mileage: goal is 2700, after tomorrow’s run I’ll be at 1328. Very close to halfway to the goal. Since I’m about to begin an 18 week marathon training block, I’m feeling pretty good about that one. Next goal was to run every day. Well, so far, so good. I haven’t missed a day yet, and while I don’t get overly obsessed with the “streak,” I like it as it means I haven’t been seriously sick or injured. Goal 3: to complete a marathon….. done! Napa Valley in March.
That leaves two other goals: to complete a Half Ironman and to qualify for Boston. Those have yet to come. HIM is set for September 11th and it is my plan to qualify for Boston on November 5th in Savannah, GA (which according to the new Boston qualifying rules, that should get me in for the year 2031 – if I’m far enough under the standard…).
For me, and hopefully you as well, none of this is a surprise. I monitor my goals constantly. Like the blue dot steadily moving along the purple line of my iphone Google map, it helps me to be able to see where I am along the purple line that is my goals and the direction of my life. If I don’t know, well…… I don’t know. So, I want to keep track.
When the Cheshire Cat told Alice that it doesn’t matter which way you go if you don’t know where you’re going, he was unknowingly referring to goal setting and achieving. What he didn’t tell her was that if you not only don’t know (or care) where you are going AND have no idea where you are, you are in double trouble (ORRRRRR maybe completely happy not worrying about such things, but I digress…).
So what am I saying?
If unlike Alice, you have a goal, a destination, now is a good time to evaluate how your journey is progressing (as is every other day but halfway is kind of a landmark). If you’re on track – great. If not, it’s perfectly okay to alter the plan or even the goal. Yes, even the goal. They are yours, by the way, no one said they weren’t adjustable.
It’s halftime. How’s it going?

1 thought on “It’s Halftime!”

  1. Well Rich, if I may say so, I am where I want to be. NY training starts on July 4th and I am going to start with a bang! I am healthy and ready to go, at the same time, I will listen to every ache and pain and allow myself one day to rest if it means not being sidelined for weeks. That's my new outlook and that will carry me closer to my goal of breaking 4 hours (which leaves a tiny bit of room for Boston.)

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