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Halftime Part 2: Back on Track!

So yesterday the topic was “How Are We Doing?” on our goals. If you, like me, took the opportunity to evaluate where you are in relation to your goals, then we both get kudos for our efforts.

Today, let’s talk about what to do with those goals that are not exactly on target, and maybe even the whole batch of them as well. I’m going to suggest a four step approach: Appraisal, Modeling, Visualization, Exploration.

In real estate, in many ways, an appraisal dictates whether or not a transaction is going to happen. The appraisal decides if the home has the value alleged in the agreement. I suggest an appraisal of our goals. Are they still relevant to want we want? Do they have the value alleged when first made? There is no rule that you have to stick with a goal that isn’t working. Appraise the goal/situation/yourself for its present value. Get rid of goals that no longer work, alter the ones that need altering.
More than likely, there are people who are doing what you desire to do. At one time in my younger years, these people were the object of my jealousy and resentment. Today, they are models. One of the surest ways to success is to use successful people as models: modeling them. Ask yourself what are they doing to be successful? What qualities do they have that aid in their success? Then imagine what advice they would give as to how to go about accomplishing what they have done. If these models are within your geographic area, don’t be afraid to reach out, take them to lunch and pick their brains.

Visualization is nothing more than creating powerful, positive mental images of you doing or being what it is you choose to achieve. Our brains have been characterized by many to be the most gullible of entities. If you believe it, your brain believes it. If you can visualize it, so can your brain. So USE THAT!. Visualize your success, from the beginning to where you want it to be. If you can see it, you can do it.

Finally, let’s engage in a little exploration. Surely there are more pathways to achieving your goals than the one you originally set out upon. Don’t be afraid to try new routes to your successes. There are infinite number of ideas, knowledge and possibilities. Explore them.

We control our lives by making the choices we make everyday. Let’s choose to get back on track.