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Dr. Wittenberg Leaves Me For Dead!

If you read my last post, you are aware that I have been fighting a severe case of the shpilkes. Shpilkes is characterized by a nervous energy or anxiety that can cast a gloomy cloud over any day. The person that could have cured me was Mary Wittenberg, head Honchette at the New York Road Runners. Dr. Wittemberg held my life in her hands.
I love the New York Marathon. I ran it in 1993, 94 (on my birthday) and 98. It’s a great event, loads of fun and an awesome reason to pack up and head for New York City. It would have been easy, Dr. Mary; draw my name in today’s lottery, let me run the NYC Marathon (on my 60th birthday) and I would have been cured. But, NOOOOO! Couldn’t do it, could you?
So, I am left searching for a fall marathon. Shouldn’t be too tough, there are plenty.
In the meantime, Dr. Wittenberg, I WLL COME BACK from the dead. And next year, there’ll be no lottery for this fellow: no opportunity for you to cast me aside on your electronic whim. NO Dr. Wittenberg, next year I WILL QUALIFY for your race.

Better go for a run! Got some training to do!