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Take A Class!

It’s May (well, tomorrow) and that means we are approaching the halfway point of the year much quicker than many of us anticipated. One third of the way through 2011, the question is this: how’s your year going?
April found me doing what I love to do: teaching enthusiastic sales people around the country. Many markets are seeing increases in activity as Buyers and Sellers test the water to see how 2011 will impact their real estate world. Showings are up and what was that other thing I heard? Optimism?!?!?!
Actually, the biggest message I heard was that the Realtors actively engaged in their businesses are dying for an edge. They are looking for some tools, systems, resources and information that will allow and encourage them to take their business to the next level.
During a classroom break, a lady in Fargo, North Dakota asked me what she could do right now to get better. My answer was, “You’re doing it. You’re taking a class.”
It’s one thing to take a class when you have nothing to do. Business sucks. You have plenty of spare time. Unfortunately, within that scenario, most agents decide they can’t afford (financially) to take a class even though business-wise, they can’t afford to NOT take one. When their business is on fire, most agents believe they don’t have the time (although I find some incredibly busy agents in my classroom all the time).
Personally, I find THIS time to be the best time. As previously stated, an increase in activity, brings optimism. Could there possibly be a better state for effective learning and growth than optimism? I don’t think so.
So, get out there. Find a class with a great instructor and take it! Forget CE credits. Identify a topic that will aid you in the growth of your business and/or your life and sign up! You know you’re ready!
While not interested in coming off as self serving, I am teaching a fantastic two day CRS course, Sales Strategies for the Residential Specialist (CRS 202) at the Jefferson County Board of Realtors on May 10 and 11.  It is an incredible course focusing on identifying and understanding Buyers in today’s market, becoming more efficient while working with them, developing negotiation skills, and plenty more….
Last, but not least, I am aware that occasionally we need a testimonial or little bits of encouragement to get us motivated. I’ve made some calls and received some messages I will pass on below.