January 2018

Every-Other-Step at a Time

I know from experience that it will be this way for a while: the fear, the gingerness (is that a word?), the focus on each and every time my left foot hits the earth and engages everything that happens up to and beyond my tender knee. Am I slapping my foot down with too much force? Is it going to buckle THIS time? Have I maneuvered one more every-other-step on the road… Read More »Every-Other-Step at a Time

Thanks @running_usa, I’m Inspired to Reflect

Had the pleasure today to “chat” with a pretty incredible young woman today on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/running_usa/ is where you will find her “running_usa.” Her goal is to race in every state in the good old USA, and it appears as though she is well on her way. 10 down, 40 to go. AND….. she has also run in some pretty cool spots outside of our country. Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, the Greek Islands;… Read More »Thanks @running_usa, I’m Inspired to Reflect