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Thanks @running_usa, I’m Inspired to Reflect

Had the pleasure today to “chat” with a pretty incredible young woman today on Instagram. is where you will find her “running_usa.” Her goal is to race in every state in the good old USA, and it appears as though she is well on her way. 10 down, 40 to go. AND….. she has also run in some pretty cool spots outside of our country. Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, the Greek Islands; just to name a few. Follow her at the link above (and follow me on Instagram if you’d like at

So, anyway, it got me thinking about my own journeys as a 51 1/2 year runner with a few miles on the Nikes (111,000+ give or take 15) and where that whole thing has taken me. Turns out I have raced in 20 states (plus the District of Columbia, and Canada several times). It’s about a fifty/fifty split between races from my collegiate career, and races as a marathoning old man.

After pondering the racing world, I thought I’d look at which states I have simply run in (sorry English teachers). Oddly, that one was pretty easy as every state in which I have taught a seminar, I have run. That would be 45 (plus DC). The ones missing are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Mississippi. Looks like a trip to New England needs to happen.

I have to confess to having run in some pretty cool places in the good old US of A. Upon reflection, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

  • Mesa Trail, Peak Trail, Barr Trail, right here in Colorado (not to mention my backyard, the Cherry Creek State Park)
  • Nisene Marks State Park and the whole area around Santa Cruz
  • Moab and the Grand Canyon
  • The Strand near San Diego
  • The trails around Chatanooga
  • Pre’s Trail and Hayward Field
  • Flagstaff
  • Central Park, NY
  • Belle Isle, Detroit
  • Mosca Pass and the Great Sand Dunes 
  • Sleeping Bear dunes in Traverse City
  • Chicago Lakefront
  • Jemez Valley and La Luz trail, New Mexico
  • The Mall and C & O Canal Trail, Wash DC
  • Boston Marathon Course
  • Porcupine Mountains and Pictured Rocks Lakeshore trail, Upper Peninsula, MI
  • Oak Mountain Park, Birmingham, AL
  • Flagler Beach, FL
  • Na Pali Coast Trail, Kauai
  • Grand Tetons & Yosemite
  • the Mikelson Trail, SD
  • Wolverine Peak Trail, Anchorage, AK
“Just to name a few?” I’m sure I am missing some great places, but this is my inspired list for now. Thanks @running_usa! I needed that.

In other news, most of my New Years cynicism has stalled, making way for some semblance of optimism. A few decent runs this week and knowing that no one gets ready for a marathon in 17 1/2 weeks by moping around has been enough to ignite a few sparks. Still pretty pissed about the downside of a “surgically repaired knee,” but it’s nothing that some pain free runs won’t cure. 

So check with me tomorrow. Supposed to run 7-8, all right here near home. We’ll see how it goes.

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