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Blogging: Being Roseanne Roseannadanna

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As often happens in a course where we touch on technology, the other day I mentioned blogging as a way to reach people, share, and establish expertise.

Then, as often happens, I asked who had a blog. As per usual, about a third of the hand rose. Then came the next obvious question, how many of you post regularly? One hand remained. Unfortunately, that is “the usual.”

So, why blog? Does it work? Can I get some business?

Let’s look at these questions one at a time and simply: First, and foremost, why blog?

By answering this question we go a long way to answering the other two so I’ll start basic: people still read AND they search for answers to questions, problems, curiousities.

In fact, one of the things sales people learn quickly is how often they are asked questions. People want to know stuff AND they look for credible sources to obtain the most relevant info. So, you answer questions all day. The problem is you answer them one on one.

Let me explain: there was a time long, long ago when Saturday Night Live was funny. One of the reasons it was funny was Gilda Radner. Gilda did a bit during the Weekend Update where she played a character named Roseannroseannadana. Roseann would begin her segment every week with these words: “I gotta a letter this week from Mr Richard Fader of Ft Lee New Jersey who wrote this; dear Roseannroseannadana, blah blah blah.” He always had a question. Roseann, instead of answering just Richard, gave everyone the answer.

This is what a blog can do.

So, For the record, here are five things your blog can do to be effective and bring you business:

1. It draws people to your site. If I have the question and you have the answer and I find you, I will be drawn to your website. Things can only get better from there.

2. It establishes thought leadership in your industry. Wanna be the perceived expert…. Well????

3. You develop a content library. I come to your blog for the answer to my question and see that you have other stuff. I read on

4. It will feed your social media. Write, post, share. Simple.

5. Any reader could be your next client. It only takes one and really, you don’t know where that one is coming from. Or the next one or the next one…

Sales people are constantly looking for ways to establish themselves as the go-to person in their field. Blogging can go a long way to getting there.