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Tip 12: Great 4 Step Home Videos!

Today, let’s take a couple of minutes and discuss a great way to attract buyers to your listing while developing a strong listing tool at the same time.
Home Video Tours.

For a buyer, the tremendous advantage of using the internet to search for property is being able to see a home at any time, no matter their location.
While pictures are great, video makes the experience more like actually being in the house. And at 3 am, in my PJ’s, that’s about as good as I can do.

With over 90% of all home buyers using the internet as a primary source of obtaining real estate information and well over 40% going on the internet as their FIRST STEP in the process, we can clearly establish the importance of having your listing online.

I happen to like a four step approach.
1st) get in front of the camera and welcome people to the home. Tell them where it is and who you are
2nd) Show five cool features or highlights in the home. Take 5-7 seconds each. No need to overly elaborate, just show the features.
3rd) Take viewers to what you believe to be the coolest spot in the house. Tell them why they’d love this particular spot (and why you do as well). Brave, daring agents might consider putting an articulate seller in front of the camera to chat about THEIR favorite spot. But take caution letting your seller in front of the camera.
Finally 4th) , close out the video by inviting viewers to reach out to you for more information, a personal showing, or just an individual contact.
With a thirty second intro, 30-40 seconds pointing out features, 30-40 seconds to highlight your favorite spot and 20 to close, you’ve got the perfect 2 minute home video.