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What is a Goal, Anyway?

Mine must be the Red ones.

The question, as I ponder my lack of goal achievement in 2012, is what is a goal, anyway?  According to one of the many only dictionaries available, a goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.”

I like that definition because it targets “achievement toward which effort is directed.” I think that means if I’m making the effort toward my goals, even if I don’t make it, I’ve been successful. Right?
Yeah, sure.

So here’s how we did with the 2012 running goals:
1. Run every day. This is a goal I set most every year as I strive to be consistent in my running. I had an excellent string going until the calf injury hit in September. Having lost 11 days of running to the dreaded calf heart attack, this goal was not completed.

2. 2500 miles. Here’s what I wrote about this one….. “After nearly 2800 in 2011, you could say I’m backing off or wimping out (that’s okay, you really CAN say it). Actually, I’m simply trying to be a little more relaxed. PLUS all I need to do is get to 100,000 total career miles by the Mayan Calendar deadline and we’ll see after that (need 2195 miles for that).”   Mission accomplished. 2762 total and the 100,000th mile run far before the Mayan miscalculation.

3. Races. Simple: 3 marathons (would love it if one is New York but that’s a crap shoot and a VERY EXPENSIVE crap shoot at that), 1 Half Ironman, a 50K+ and 10 other assorted runs of varying length (time to hit the 5K – Half Mar circuit). I raced thrice in 2012. A 4K, a ten miler and the uncompleted Savannah Marathon. In the first two, I placed in my age group.

4. More weight loss. I said: “ended up with 26 net loss last year. Need that much again to be lean and mean.” I suppose this one could be called accomplished as I have a net weight loss of 6 pounds for the year. The hope was to go much lower, but that is a daily struggle which continues in 2013. 

5. Strength and Core work. The goal is 120 days of S & C. Ha! Not even close.

So, it didn’t go quite as well as I might have liked. Luckily, I don’t get paid to accomplish running goals. The mileage does make me somewhat happy as the 2762 is my eleventh highest total in my 47 years of logging runs (not bad for an old man). And of course, completing the journey to 100,000 miles was very cool.

2012: Book CLOSED. On to 2013……

1. Run every day. I’m not as hung up on this one as usual, but I throw it in as it is the initial goal every year.

2. Run 2700 miles. This goal, too, has some flexibility. I’d actually like to approach 3000, but don’t want to get overly hung up on it. I would have been fairly close to that this year, as I figure I lost at least 200 miles during the calf issues, maybe more.

3. Race. Again, three marathons, an ultra (probably 50K) and a host of other events. Let’s put a number on it……. okay, 12 other events. I still have half an inclination toward a half Ironman, but I know how little time there is to add swimming and cycling to the program. New York? Boston? No, not on the radar this time.

4. Weight. Okay, last time we were WAY too vague, so here goes: 170 at the end of the year.

5. Strength and Core. Same goal as last year, 120 days.

6. Broaden my horizons. I want to improve as an athlete this year and I’m still unsure as to what that might mean. In my mind, I see yoga, maybe Tae Kwon Do, who knows? But the key here is to increase strength, flexibility and coordination. Very tired of being the tight runner guy.

7. Have fun! As is always the goal, I will continue to lead my life as an exercise in FUN!

Happy Belated New Year!