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Buyers Aren’t Liars, They Need Help!

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Many markets around this land of ours are undergoing severe changes as 2012 slowly comes to its conclusion. Some have become full blown sellers markets, others are recovering much more gradually. We knew all along, that we would come out of the slump, we’d get through the tough times. What we didn’t know was when it would happen. As most of the country rebounds, you must ask yourself this question: As my market emerges, how will I adapt? How will I EMERGE?

Many agents will gravitate towards listings. Hopefully, they will use this opportunity to sharpen their listing tools including, but not limited to; their presentation, counseling and interviewing, handling objections and especially, pricing. Competition for listings will escalate and putting your best foot forward will create a tremendous advantage for the seller-ready agent.

And then, there are the buyers…..

While this market is turning, one thing will remain as sure as the planet is here (apologies to the Mayan calendar enthusiasts), buyers will still be half of all presentations. But, as many markets move toward becoming more seller oriented, getting and having the listings is essential. As supplies shrink. Agents with inventory will control the marketplace. So, where does that leave the buyers?

Because of that inevitable occurrence, agents who work effectively with buyers will be in short supply and high demand. Working with buyers in this emerging market will require several skills: 
  • First and foremost, the best agents giving the best buyer service will be awesome at determining what their people want, finding it quickly and creating an urgency in the process.
  • Mobility and technology will come into even greater importance as time will be of the essence when working with your buyers. 
  • Maybe most important, will be the agents ability to help their buyer see the reality of the big picture, keep them on task and get them excited about their home purchase.

Buyers will cling to the past. The best of today’s emerging agent can handle that and focus them on the opportunities of today.
So, what is the best way for agents to hone the skills needed for tomorrow’s buyers? I suggest CRS 202, Sales Strategies for the Residential Specialist.
CRS 202 will help agents develop tools, techniques systems and attitudes that will bring buyers into the emerging market confidently, honestly and successfully. The 202 course will:
  • Show how to identify qualified buyers
  • Teach interpersonal skills to gain buyer loyalty
  • Help Overcome predictable objectionS
  • Give ideas for youR buyer packet that you will want to use
  • Help you become a better NEGOTIATOR
  • Show TECHNOLOGY TOOLS for a more effective, mobile business

The Denver Metro Association of Realtors is holding CRS 202 on December 13 & 14, 2012 at their North training center at 13648 Orchard Parkway Ste 900 Westminster, CO 80023 (essentially I-25 and 136th). The fee, considerably less than most CRS courses is $179 for the two days. The link to registration is  .
The new market is here. Help the buyers adjust.